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Dr. Shea Osuna, DC


Hi there!  I am Dr. Shea Osuna.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve you all at The Hive Austin!  A little bit about me:


I was first introduced to Epienergetics in 2013 (My first year in Chiropractic School) when I received my first NetworkSpinal entrainment!  At the time I was experiencing chronic anxiety, headaches, and GI symptoms, which I had for most of my life.  My first entrainment resulted in a huge shift not only in my symptoms, I was actually experiencing JOY and I was instantly hooked!  


I began attending seminars and fell more in love with the work!  9 years later, I am still in awe of how NetworkSpinal supports the whole human being through creating a healthier, more flexible spine!


I became a licensed Chiropractor in 2016 and began practicing in San Francisco, California.  I worked at a large NetworkSpinal practice called Magnolia Wellness Center as well as opened my own practice in Redwood City, California.


In 2020, I moved with my Husband and Son to Louisville, Colorado where I opened up another practice and served many beautiful souls.  I recently sold my practice in preparation for another move, this time to Austin!  It just happened to be perfect timing to come support Dr. Jeannie through this beautiful transition!


I have dedicated my life to my own personal growth and evolution, as well as to the growth and evolution of humanity.  It is my honor to serve you all and be a partner with you on your journey!

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