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Dr. Jarrett Browning, DC


My name is Dr. Jarrett Browning and I have practiced as a licensed chiropractor in Oklahoma City and now my home of Dallas, TX. Funny enough, Dr. Jeannie Kakizaki and I first meet in 2012 at an all student speaking event in San Francisco. As you know,  she is blessed with something that lights you up! It sparkled for me and I owe part of my choice to study and practice EpiEnergetics to that moment in 2012 and our reunion at the Gate in 2016. During that weekend there was a knowing that NetworkSpinal and Somato Respiratory Integration, SRI, are the healing technologies I was called to serve humanity with.


Since 2016 I have immersed myself in everything EpiEnergetics. I am a certified NetworkSpinal practitioner and have spent two years mentoring with Donny Epstein and his advanced group of Master-E doctors. I was a trailblazer for the AlchemE program and spent a second year continuing this magical study. I love EpiEnergetics for how expansive I feel and how infinitely connected I experience the world.


In Dallas, I practice at the Urban Hippie Wellness Collective offering NetworkSpinal and SRI. During the next year I will be launching my own practice, ALIGN Dallas. The timing is perfect and opened my availability to visit Austin weekly to serve you and the HIVE tribe. In the way Dr. Jeannie shows up for my life and I know all of you, I am most looking forward to giving her the space to breathe and nurture this sacred time welcoming their newest angel into their family. Your trust in Dr. Jeannie is special and it humbles me to be asked to continue the magic she brings everyday. I look forward to meeting and serving you over the next few months and beyond. 

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